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March 14, 2024

Property and paying for residential care: A Guide by Graham Hinitt DipPFS at Matrix Estate Planning: 


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When it comes to planning for long-term care and managing your property, it’s essential to understand how your assets are treated in the financial assessment by local authorities. This guide by Matrix Estate Planning aims to provide you with information on property ownership, disregards, valuation, deferred payment agreements, and more.

Property Ownership:

Understanding the difference between legal and beneficial ownership of property is crucial. Beneficial interest, which gives you the right to the sale proceeds, is what’s considered in the financial assessment.

Disregarded Property:

Certain circumstances may allow for the disregarding of your property in the financial assessment. This includes mandatory disregards for properties occupied by specific relatives or circumstances where the local authority has discretion to disregard the property.

Valuation of Property: Planning for residential care

If your property is included in the financial assessment, it must be appropriately valued by a professional valuer. Jointly owned property should be valued based on the beneficial interest of each owner.

Deferred Payment Agreements:

A deferred payment agreement allows you to delay selling your property to pay for care fees. Matrix Estate Planning can assist you in understanding the eligibility criteria, how much can be deferred, interest and administration charges, and the responsibilities involved.

Challenging Local Authority Decisions: Planning for residential care

If you disagree with a decision or are unsatisfied with the service provided by the local authority, you have the right to challenge it through the formal complaints procedure. Matrix Estate Planning can guide you through this process. Call 0800 772 0031

Pension Credit and Property:

For individuals receiving Pension Credit, the value of the home may be disregarded under certain circumstances. Matrix Estate Planning can help you navigate the rules and regulations surrounding Pension Credit and property.


Planning for residential care and managing your property can be complex, but with the right information and guidance from Matrix Estate Planning, you can make informed decisions to secure your future. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us for expert advice and support.

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