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Why do we need a will?

In fact, the law sets out rules that determine what would happen to your assets, if you should die without leaving a will. If you do not have a will, you have no say over what happens to your assets when you die, this may not be what you intended. Because of this, everyone should have a will; This is extremely important if you own property, are married, have entered a civil partnership, or have a long-term partner. It also applies if you have children, or if you wish to leave something to someone who is not a close family member.

Matrix estate planning can draught a will that would allow you to pass on your estate in the most tax efficient way, making sure your wealth can accumulate within your family.

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The will writing process would involve four stages.


Starting with a fact find questionnaire in order to establish your marital status and your objectives, we will take note of your instructions which may in include leaving gifts to charities, or individuals who are not related.


The information that you provide would then be analysed buy our technical team, who would produce a draft will that make’s sure your wishes are carried out in the most tax efficient way.


At the next stage you then receive a PDF draft copy of the will for you to read and request any amendments, you then confirm that you are satisfied with the details of your will.


Once we receive your confirmation that you are satisfied with the draft copy, we will then produce a final bound copy will. This would be posted to your address with instructions for witnessing.

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