Limited company formation in the UK can be utilised as part of your estate planning by allowing you to transfer ownership of assets and shares to your heirs in a tax-efficient way.

As a director and shareholder of the family investment company, you can choose who will inherit your shares upon your death, and this can be outlined in your will or through a shareholders’ agreement. By gifting shares in the company to your heirs, you can gradually transfer wealth to them over time, potentially reducing the size of your estate and the amount of inheritance tax that will be due upon your death.

Additionally, owning assets through a limited company can provide protection against creditors and legal claims, as these assets are technically owned by the company rather than by you personally. This can help safeguard your assets for future generations and ensure that they are not easily accessible to outside parties.

Property held within a family investment company gives more options when it comes to planning for inheritance tax. If you plan to pass your business on to your family in the future, it’s much simpler to transfer a limited company (shares) than a privately held property.

Overall, Limited company formation in the UK can be a useful tool in estate planning as it allows for greater control over the distribution of assets and can help minimise tax liabilities for your heirs. It is important to seek advice from Matrix Estate Planning to ensure that your estate plan is structured in the most effective way for your individual circumstances.

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